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REVOLUTION DRILLING provides a wide variety of equipment and services to the Transmission Line Construction Industry as well as the Oil and Gas Service and Exploration (Seismic) industries.

REVOLUTION DRILLING provides our clients with well trained and knowledgeable drill crew personnel who are guided by a committed ownership and management team with over 30 years of experience working in various drilling industries. We have used this experience to specialize our services at the same time as remaining committed to continue to develop new and more effective equipment, procedures, and systems to perform operations in the field.


We provide our drilling services in the following industries:

  • Transmission Line Construction Industry

    • Rock and Soil Guy Anchor Installations

    • Micro Pile Installations

    • Complete Grouting  Completion Services

  • Oil and Gas Industry

    • Rig Anchors Installation and Pull Testing

    • Screw Pile Installations

  • Oil and Gas Seismic Exploration

    • Heli and Man Portable Air and Auger Drilling


We pride ourselves in our ability to offer these services in difficult and remote locations. Our custom equipment and procedures are considered some of the best in the industry.

REVOLUTION DRILLING is set up for operations throughout Canada and will continue to expand in new areas to meet our clients needs.

We are committed to maintaining an innovative line of equipment in order to offer our services where others can not. In addition to improvements and advances in our drilling equipment, REVOLUTION DRILLING continues to meet and exceed current safety standards set by each industry that we supply services for. These efforts have helped REVOLUTION DRILLING lead the way in improving our services for our clients as well as making it easier to achieve performance goals and meet industry standards in safety procedures. Our goal is to provide our services safely and efficiently with minimal impact on the environment.

REVOLUTION DRILLING is using our specialized equipment along with our experienced and knowledgeable staff to deliver our services in the safest and most effective way while always continuing to adapt to the changing demands of the various drilling industries we service.








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Anchor and Foundation Drilling
  • Rock anchors

  • Soil Anchors

  • Micro Pile Anchors

  • Geotechnical Drilling Services

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Heli Portable Drilling
  • Rock Anchor Foundations

  • Guy Wire Anchors

Grouting Services
  • Rock Anchor Grouting

  • Soil Anchor Grouting

  • Pressure Grouting

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Seismic Drilling
  • Heli portable drilling

  • Man portable air drilling

  • Man portable auger drilling

  • L.I.S track drilling

Post Tensioning
  • Foundation Anchor Stress Testing

  • Guy Anchor Stress Testing

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Rig Anchor Installation
  • Anchor Sales & Rentals

  • Screw Pilings

  • Rig Anchors

  • Mobile Home Pilings

  • Deck Pilings

  • Cement Weights




Fraste Mito 40

and Similar

Suitable for all foundation works, civil engineering projects like transmission tower guy anchors, mircopiles, tie bars, ground consolidations, mineral exploration drilling, diamond core rotary and other purposes


Fraste Hyndaga

and Similar

Lightweight and versatile. Suitable for transmission tower guy anchors, rotary drilling, auger drilling, coring, and geotechnical drilling.  Can be used for heli portable operations.

TLFZ3495 (1).JPG
Air Compressor mountain background.JPG

Lightweight Heli Portable Air Compressors

At 2000 lbs, these are to be used in remote and adverse locations.  Usually requested for use with heli portable operations

Custom Heli Drills

Lightweight and custom built for heli portable operations. Suitable for Seismic drilling, foundation anchors and transmission tower guy anchors

All McG line of trucks.JPG

Anchor Trucks

Truck mounted equipment designed for Anchors and Pilings.

Man Portable Air Drill 2.jpg

Man Portable Drills

We offer both air drilling and auger drilling with these man portable drills.  Capable of drilling up to 8000 feet from the air compressor. We hold a patent on this system of man portable air drills.  This is the most advanced low impact seismic drilling service in the industry.  Our drills are designed and custom build to be compact and lightweight in order to be moved from shot point to shot point

MLP cropped 2.JPG
Grout Plant new.JPG

Grout Plants

Our grout plants and procedures have proven to be very effective even on the most demanding anchor projects

L.I.S. Track Equipment

We have access to various track drilling rigs as well as tracked support units.  These can be utilized on Seismic projects as well as construction-based projects

Spider crane.jpg

URW295 Series Spyder Crane

Tip Height 27-37 ft

6,450 lbs Capacity

24 inches wide in travel mode

Suitable for heli portable operations.

Beretta T43 new 3.jpg

Beretta T43

Tracked drilling machine with separate engine; versatile, powerful and ideal when working inside buildings and in difficult access areas. Suitable for heli portable micro piles and rock anchors



Watay Project

Long Lake Hydro

Maritime Link Transmission Line

Northwest Phase 2

Northwest Phase 1

Lator 2 Gas Plant

Seismic Galt 3D



REVOLUTION DRILLING is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for the benefit of it’s employees, clients, contractors, management, the general public and the environment. We strive to meet and exceed industry standards for safety and production procedures within our industry. 

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 780-538-1948 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

11474-96 Avenue

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Grande Prairie, Alberta

T8V 5M4


To apply for a job with RDL, please send a cover letter together with your resume to:

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